Building a website is
like building a house

Have you ever found a website that seems to be loaded with endless pages with redundant information. Pages linked to pages, linked to pages. Pages that say "Under Construction".

Websites like those are "Oversold & Overbuilt" usually so the web developer can charge the client higher fees. Some people think if they have a big expensive website, they will be more successful.

The days of "my website is bigger than yours" is over! Customers want to visit your website, and find the information they are searching for easily, and with the fewest "clicks".

You don't build a multi million dollar home, if you only need a smaller 3 bedroom ranch. We discuss your business, and your needs and goals. When we have a plan that makes sense both financially and practically, we will move forward to develop a beautiful, robust site that works for your business.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization
If a scam were ever created to trick the average small business owner to part with their hard earned money, SEO is the winner!

Most of our clients are small buinesses, doing business within an area of covrage of less than 25 miles, or their own city, and immediate surrounding cities.

We optimize your website based on Google Standards for website optimization. There are no special tricks, code, knowledge.

The truth about SEO is simple. Your website places higher on the web, based on the number of similar businesses in your business area. Less simlar businesses will get your site higher ranking, faster, many similar businesses will reduce your chances. Spending additional money on SEO is usually a waste of money.

We will discuss all of this in detail with you, and try and convinc you, you do not need to spend any additional money on SEO.

We look forward to discussing your needs. We have a team or designers & programmers, but no sales force. All consultations are conducted by the company founder/owner, Bob Kahn.

Call Bob for an "easy" conversation about your existing website, or an idea for a new site for your business. 973-934-0577