traditional designs

All websites can be viewed on Desktop Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones. Not all types of businesses have the majority of their customers viewing their websites on a phone. A client looking for a Custom Home Builder, will probably want to view your website on their Desktop computer for easier viewing of your work.

HTML 5 Responsive Platform

Responsive Platform Websites are designed to become one long column on a phone and some tablets. With a Traditional Webaite, you may have to move the page left and right, and maybe "expand" the text to read it easier.
If your business has more customers who may be using their smartphones to view your site, such as a food service business, you may prefer a Responsive Design.

Our pricing is the same for a traditional or responsive design

we build a website that fits your needs. we don't provide a template and ask you to fill in the spaces

service is key

Some businesses have a student, employee or relative build their website. The problems begin when you need service, and they are no longer "in the business".

you call - we answer

We have been developing and hosting websites for over 15 years. We are a US company located in Wayne NJ. 100% USA Support

$19.95 monthly
Support & hosting

One small monthly fee has you 100% covered. We will make any changes you need to your site.
Pay month to month - no long term contracts!

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