Custom Designed / Mobile friendly

We specialize in developing websites for small to medium sized local businesses. We don't develop "Enterprise" style websites for national corporations. We know what you need. We know you don't need a $3500 website to promote a local restaurant, plumber, construction, hair stylist, and other small/medium size businesses.

We don't show you "exotic" looking templates that don't match your business needs, then charge you excessive fees to "fill in the spaces".  In fact, if we feel you only need a small, 1-2 page website, we can probalby provide it for a lower who does that....we do.

We have no contracts with our clients. We have clients who have been with us from the day we started our business. They can leave anytime, but, they don't.
We developed a reasonably priced website for them and we provide support & hosting for only $19.95 monthly.

We look forward to discussing your needs. We have a team of designers & programmers, but no sales force. All consultaions are conducted by the company founder/owner, Bob Kahn.

Call Bob for an "easy" conversation about your existing website, or an idea for a new site for your business. 973-934-0577